We are happy to announce that all sessions have now resumed in the gym and all precautions are taken to ensure safety at all times.
If you would like to know what measures are in place, before booking a session, please feel free to contact us.


Schanel Dougan

Samegirl Differentsize Fitness

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My Story

In 2014 I weighed 17st 7lbs, wearing a size 22, eating 6000 calories a day. I have never feared the gym, however I was conscious of my size and appearance. Today in 2018 I weigh 12st, wearing a size 12 and consume 1500 calories a day. I train 6 days a week (personal choice), but the gym is my outlet. Through consistent training I have achieved a body I love in strength and physique and have gained knowledge on the mechanics of how my body functions. Conscious choices could be all that you need, a steer in the right direction.

It’s about gaining control with your physical and mental appearance and most of all being happy.


Now is the time to make a lifestyle change that will last forever!


Samegirl Differentsize What does she do?

Samegirl Differentsize is all about you being you feeling comfortable within your own skin. There are no barriers to what women can achieve, but without your health, we simply have no wealth. My priority is to enable clients to feel confident and gain strength not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. These are the key elements in helping you to achieve your goals in life.

My motto is One Way Forward – No Way Back! You may not think 1-2-1 sessions are for you but at Samegirl Differentsize I seek the best ways to overcome your hurdles and that is by having someone you can rely on, because we do more than just burn fat and lift weights

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